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August 22 2017
Angelo Codevilla
Former U.S. Navy Officer, Fellow of the Claremont Institute, professor emeritus of international relations at Boston University
August 22 2017
Ronna McDaniel
Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee
August 22 2017
Kelli Ward
Former AZ State Senator, Challenging Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate
August 21 2017
Byron York
Columnist, The Washington Examiner & Fox News Contributor
August 21 2017
Matt Schlapp
Chairman of the American Conservative Union
August 21 2017
Jason Whitlock
Sports Journalist & Co-hosts the daily sports TV show Speak For Yourself alongside Colin Cowherd on Fox Sports 1
August 18 2017
Ric Grenell
American media commentator and former Diplomat. The longest serving U.S. spokesman in history at the United Nations.
August 18 2017
Doug McKelway
Television journalist and Fox News Channel Washington-based correspondent.
August 18 2017
Luke Rosiak
Investigative Reporter who broke the Wasserman Schultz IT Scandal. Reporter for the Daily Caller
August 17 2017
Michael Petrilli
President of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute