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April 25 2017
Byron York
Washington Examiner Chief Political Correspondent, Fox News contributor
April 25 2017
Peter Navarro
Economist and Director of the White House National Trade Council
April 25 2017
Lee Habeeb
Director of Strategic Content at Talk Radio Network
April 24 2017
Tom Rogan
Senior Fellow at the Steamboat Institute, NRO Writer, member of the McLaughlin Group
April 24 2017
Sen. David Perdue
Georgia Senator
April 24 2017
Sean Spicer
Press Secretary
April 24 2017
Mathew Staver
Founder of Liberty Counsel
April 14 2017
Dr. Sebastian Gorka
Deputy Assistant to the President
April 14 2017
Larry Kudlow
Informal Trump Economic Advisor & CNBC Senior Contributor
April 14 2017
Jeremy Peters
New York Times political reporter