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March 24 2017
James Kallstrom
Former Assistant Director in Charge at the FBI's New York Division.
March 24 2017
Rep. Ron DeSantis
Represents Florida's 6th Congressional District.
March 24 2017
Rep. Mo Brooks
Represents Alabama's 5th Congressional District.
March 24 2017
Charles Sahm
Director of Education Policy at the Manhattan Institute.
March 23 2017
Dr. Walid Phares
National Security and Foreign Policy Expert for Fox News, former national security advisor to candidate Trump.
March 23 2017
Rep. Dave Brat
Represents Virginia's 7th Congressional District.
March 23 2017
Byron York
Washington Examiner Chief Political Correspondent, Fox News contributor.
March 23 2017
Dr. Meg Meeker
Pediatrician, mother, and best-selling author
March 23 2017
Gianno Caldwell
Founder and Partner at Caldwell Strategic Consulting.
March 22 2017
Rep. Jim Jordan
Represents Ohio's 4th Congressional District.