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June 28 2017
Glenn Greenwald
Co-founding editor of The Intercept. Journalist, constitutional lawyer, and author of four New York Times best-sellers
June 28 2017
Rep. Andy Biggs
Republican Congressman for Arizona's 5th Congressional District
June 28 2017
Asra Nomani
American activist, Writer, Co-Founder of Muslim Reform Movement
June 27 2017
David Cortman
Senior counsel and Vice President of U.S. Litigation with Alliance Defending Freedom.
June 27 2017
Senator Jim Risch
U.S. Senator for Idaho (R-ID)
June 27 2017
John Ligato
Former deep cover FBI Special Agent & Decorated Vietnam War veteran.
June 26 2017
Alan Dershowitz
Lawyer, Jurist & Author; Fmr. Harvard Law Professor
June 26 2017
Joe DiGenova
Former US Attorney in DC
June 26 2017
Rep. Debbie Dingell
Democratic Rep. of the 12th District of Michigan in the U.S. House of Representatives
June 23 2017
Jeremy Peters
Political Reporter for The New York Times, MSNBC contributor